At the Schools of Early Learning the experience is just as valuable as the result. In other words, we focus on the journey, not the destination. We develop children’s skills by concentrating on the efforts taken, as well as the problems encountered and solved. These skills (such as mixing powder paint) will go on to contribute to higher levels of knowledge.

“If the head and the hand act separately, they conclude nothing; if they work together they can accomplish something, but much more can be done when the head and hand work together with a tool.”

-Francis Bacon

Skill development is fundamental to attaining a better understanding and bringing about awareness of the evolution of learning. This can be done through art activities for children. The product has importance but as part of the process, not the ultimate goal. To skill is not to provide all the answers. Consequently, by allowing access to alternative tools and skills, you enable children to acquire a sense of autonomy and competence. To think, to research, to discover is to remember and consolidate what they are learning.

Try Art Activities For Children At Home!

Time needed: 10 minutes

Mixing powder paint is a skill SOEL children learn in the studio, and this process often happens before we begin painting. We choose the colours that we could like to use and collect the materials. An apron is needed as sometimes it can get messy.

Brushes/something to mix with
Pots for mixing
Containers to keep paint in once made

Powdered Paint

art activities for children

  1. Create Your Chosen Colour

    Add three spoons of powder to our paint pots. This is our chance to mix colours, add white or black to make tints and shades. The children can count as they measure.

  2. Pour the water into the pot, so it is half full.

  3. Mixing Powder Paint

    Now, it’s time to mix. Combine the paint until there are no lumps and the paint has a smooth consistency. Add more paste or water if it is too thick.

  4. Clean Up

    After the paint is made, our SOEL children help wash the brushes, put the powder away, and transfer the paint into other containers for use. Sometimes we may choose to paint with the colour we’ve just made.

Tool Tip

Experiment with mark-making with things you have around the house. The brushes you’re using to mix the paints, or a sponge, or even some herbs from the kitchen! See what effects you can achieve using the brushes and the mixing of paints.