A family-run business established in 1974

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our community and providing high-quality education and care to children and their family groups.
Our Philosophy

SOEL draws perspective and insight from many different disciplines, philosophers and pedagogy, from Australia and overseas. Our philosophy and practice is thus informed by that of the Municipal Schools of Reggio EmiliaRudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, and the International Baccalaureate, as well as our own observations and interactions.

Our Logo

Our logo was developed using the research developed by one child Ruby, 3.6 years, over a number of months. Following her emerging interest in horses, Ruby spent time researching at the library. Ruby’s subsequent drawings demonstrate the benefits of research and artistic process, giving her the ability to express her understanding, with the Studio Coordinators encouragement and support. The four horses illustrate Ruby’s growing knowledge of a horse’s movement, bone structure and muscles. Through these images Ruby shows her emerging understanding and shares her learning with her peers.

Our Values

We act with honesty, confidence and fairness with respect for the dignity and rights of others. We take responsibility for ourselves, our decisions and our actions.
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We are explorers of the world: open-minded, asking questions, researching, investigating, being innovative and learning through wondering, trial and error and experimentation.
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We show empathy, compassion and respect as we thoughtfully consider the world, our own ideas and experience and that of others and take responsible action.
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We overcome challenges through our own resourcefulness and determination, as well as the support of others.
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We advocate for children and childhood, exploring new ideas and developing innovative strategies that enable local, national and global citizenship.
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SOEL’s Founder


SOEL was established in 1974 by our mother Bernadette Giambazi who received an AM in 2000 for her services to the Australian Early Childhood sector.

Our Philosophy

Our Directors

Genevieve Giambazi


Genevieve Giambazi completed a degree in Visual Arts (Curtin University) in 1999, a degree in Graphic Design (Sydney Graphics College) in 2002 and a Certificate III in Children’s Services in 2014.

As Creative Director, Gen supports educators to create environments that inspire wonder and awe. Gen oversees the Studio programme, opening pathways for children’s investigations, mindsets for respecting children’s voices and attitudes that allow the children to be who they are, to imagine and to have fun.

Louise Thomson


Louise Thomson completed a Diploma of Childcare in 1985 and has worked as a Team Leader and Centre Director both in Australia and overseas. Louise was involved in the accreditation process as one of the original validators from the National Accreditation Council.

Louise has been a Director of the Schools of Early Learning since 1989. Balancing considerations of the bigger picture with the individual needs of families and staff, Louise brings her knowledge, experience and attention to detail to the daily operations of Schools of Early Learning.

Sarah Giambazi


Sarah Giambazi completed a Diploma of Childcare in 1990 and has worked in centres both overseas and in Australia. In 2000 she became a validator for the National Accreditation Council and accredited services all around Australia.

Sarah has been a Director at the Schools of Early Learning since 1997. Sarah’s passion and energy bring innovation and flexibility to team meetings, inspiring the educational programmes that support the children’s being, belonging and becoming.



Dr Brett Thomson


Brett Thomson completed a PhD in Agricultural Science from the University of Western Australia in 1987 and worked for many years as a Research Scientist and business manager in Australia and overseas.

Brett’s corporate business experience contributes clarity and structure to the Schools of Early Learning in his role as Commercial Director, a position he has held since 2010.



Our Senior Management Team

Myra Taylor


Myra is the Human Resources Manager for SOEL. She completed her Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University majoring in Human Resources and Industrial Relations in 2010.

Myra joined SOEL in 2014 and has been providing professional HR advice through guiding, coaching, mentoring and supporting Managers and staff alike. Myra continues to keep her personal development of the HR/IR industry up-to-date through training workshops, publications and online study.

David Healy

David Healy


David is the Business Process Manager for SOEL, bringing more than 20 years of childcare experience to the role. Working closely alongside the other members of the Senior Management Team and the Directors, David seeks to implement simple and clear solutions for organisational wide questions.

“I truly believe that what we provide for the children in our care, and their families, is absolutely World Class.”

Louise De Boer

Louise de Boer


“I have been with SOEL for eight years as a Manager across several of our centres and more recently as a part of the Pedagogical and Training Team. I’ve previously worked in a variety of school settings as an Early Childhood classroom teacher and in leadership positions.

“The move to SOEL was as an easy decision, as my belief is that all children can be creative thinkers and problem solvers when we plan environments rich with possibilities and when their ideas are respected and valued. I work closely with Managers to ensure educational leadership is embedded in the way SOEL Centres plan and operate. I support educators across all age groups to value the opportunities they provide and to share the delight in the discoveries children make.”

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