6 months – 24 months

SOEL Child Care for Babies

In our babies’ rooms, individual routines are followed and as a result, opportunities for small group learning are woven naturally throughout the day.

Environments are created where children can safely move about and access materials. Beautiful garden spaces support children to develop balancing, walking, running and climbing skills, and are complemented by calming indoor environments.

“Learning consists of three almost simultaneous processes: acquiring new information, transforming knowledge to fit new tasks and checking that the way knowledge is manipulated is suitable to the task.”

Children are encouraged to develop self-help skills in feeding, washing hands and caring for resources. There is also a specific Atelier Studio skilling programme where qualified artists support children’s skills in mark making, colour mixing and clay manipulation.

Inquiry-based learning begins even at this young age. Natural, found and recycled materials complemented by carefully chosen educational resources, enable children to develop their understandings of the world and make meaning of their observations and relationships.

“We create experiences to explore individually or collaboratively. A spectacular catalyst for a brief exchange, our environments offer a space for investigation and wonder.”

SOEL Baby Rooms

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