16 months – 2 years and 9 months

SOEL Child Care for Toddlers

Toddlers thrive in environments that value and support their developing skills. It is imperative that toddlers are not rushed through their day, that we advocate for them so that they have enough time to linger on an interesting thing, that they are provided with the time and space to practice self-help skills and that their efforts are recognised and encouraged.

We aim to understand and be respectful of each child’s individual sense of time and allow the children to make choices in a calm and unhurried environment.

“Children can solve problems for themselves.” xvii

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Meal times, sleep times and toileting are increasingly managed by the children, with guidance and support from educators as required. Cooperation, confidence, persistence, resilience and reflection are developed as educators lead children through predictable but flexible routines. Every part of the day is an opportunity for learning!

Supported by the Educational Leaders and Studio Coordinators, educators identify children’s interests and develop a suite of experiences and opportunities that contribute to learning programmes encompassing experiences in the rooms, Atelier Studio, garden and communal areas.

Amazingly rich learning emerges through small group investigations, explorations and experiments. Curiosity, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and imagination develop along with understandings of, and connections with, their world.

“Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural materials.”

SOEL Toddler Rooms

Helpful Articles

At SOEL we want to share our early years expertise and our experiences with parents.

As a result we’ve created blog articles about being a Toddler to help you learn more about your child.

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