At SOEL, robust hygiene and safety have always been fundamental to our practice. We encourage children to adopt good practices to take ownership of their well-being. In the Studio, we reflect on natural resources unpacking our relationship with the natural world from within our urban setting. Inspiration for this project came as we discussed how dirt and germs, while a natural substance can sometimes make people sick. It was from these discussions, the children decided to give the rocks a bubble bath!

“It will make the rocks feel happy.”

– Anna Maria

Through pouring, scooping, tipping and mixing the water to create bubbles, the children use their creativity and agency to lead their learning. The children experiment with colour combining blue and red to create vibrant purple water!

Our relationship with the natural world has never been more complex yet more critical. We strive to support the children to develop a safe, respectful and enduring relationship with the planet and its resources.

Try It At Home!

Time Needed: 15 mins

The bubbles experiment is a simple yet rich learning experience. Best of all at the end of our sessions, our hands, rocks and tools were sparkling clean! In the Studio, the children were engaged and focused for over an hour. Try this at home with toys, kitchen utensils or anything else you want cleaned.

Small Tub
A few jars
A spoon
An old toothbrush
Eyedroppers and tongs (optional – helps develop children’s fine motor skills)
Rocks (or toys, kitchen utensils or anything you want cleaned)

Warm Water
Food Colouring (diluted)

  1. Fill the small tub up with warm water and soap
  2. Fill the jars up with warm water and diluted food colouring
  3. Place the rocks into the tub along with the old toothbrush, eyedroppers and tongs
  4. Let the cleaning commence!